Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009 !!

Hi ya
sorry I haven't blogged in a while have had alot of computer problems involving Trojans ect eek but now all is sorted and I am back hehe !
I hope people had a lovely Xmas and a brill new years eve !!
January 2009 start of a brand new year almost like opening a new book, writing down Goals like a contents page lol.
I bet most people are already getting ready to join up to the gym, I am lready a member but I now have a gym buddy that will take me 3 days a week yay me lol.

ok so I have been keeping some of my digi scraps and solving the errors that I make along the way would love to instantly know how to do things but thats the beauty of "learning"

ok here is a scrap I decided to do for my friend as it was her sons 2nd birthday

I was making the mistake of pulling the element and alphas from the "Bin" and it wouldn't show up as a image that was from a transparent background it had grey around it so I had to what I thought to resolve the issue was to use a paint bucket or to paint it the background color with a brush !! NO WAY time consuming and the look is horrid !!

ok so how did I solve this ?? I looked on some digiscrap forums and asked around and some kind people aske where I was pulling my elements and alphas from, I told them from the bin, they said to leave it in the "original" window it comes from and drag and drop to my main image am using I will have to re do this as I haven't done a after pic yet sorry !!

so thats 2 lessons so far and that was on my second scrap I guess when there is a will there is a way huh, the main problem I have is figuring where to place elements to make them look good and weather the other person will like it, but my "template collection" is getting bigger I do love a selection, I have now found Misty Cato blog and she does brilliant turorials some things I know already but you have to start from beginning as things I may not know could be in it !

I would love to learn how to make my own kit one day my aim is to do that.

ok I shall post again soon till that Scrappy*Doo

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