Thursday, 4 December 2008

2nd Digi scrap now addicted !!

wow what an improvement after I did some reaserching on where I was going wrong I hadn't "simplified the layer" and that is why the "G" for grouping wasn't working !! I love this DIGI as ya can now tell I am addicted to didig world and would love to learn how people create there own kits and things !! I love all the CS3 range and veryr into photography and memories :0)

Happy Scrappy*Do

My 1st ever scrap :0)

This is my 1st ever digi scrap * as you can see I made the mistake of not knowin how to use template the photograpth over therounded courner making it look shoddy.
but not bad for a 1st attempt using PSE6
I am sorry I do not remember who's template I used but I hope you like what I have done with it